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Ukrainian mass media about the world victories of wrestlers of the Sports Club "Mongoose"

The full-scale war did not bypass any sports club, any sport, any athlete. However, the united, strong and friendly team of the "Mongoose" Sports Club did not end up in the knockout stage - having quickly recovered from the first shocks of the war, the management, athletes and coaching staff of the club began an active struggle on the sports front. Journalists of Channel 7 and Reporter TC told about the work on the sports front and the stunning victories of the wrestlers of the "Mongoose" Sports Club.

Sportsmen of the Sports Club "Mongoose" became the star guests of the Live studio of "Channel 7":

Malin Ivan -

2022 World Grappling Champion in the "Gi" category, bronze medalist of the 2022 World Grappling Championships in the "No Gi" category

Mykhailo Vasyl -

bronze medalist of the World Championship in freestyle wrestling 2022, world champion in beach wrestling 2021

The athletes shared with the audience their stories on the way to sports victories, showed videos of international competitions and told how they draw the attention of the international sports community to the war in Ukraine.

"I wanted this victory! I wanted the Ukrainian flag to rise on the podium of the World Cup, so that the national anthem of Ukraine sounded on the international stage!",- Ivan Malin, the 2022 grappling world champion in the "Gi" section, shared with the audience.

The wrestlers of the Sports Club "Mongoose" frankly admit that the desire to win is even more important today than in peacetime, because any victory is not only an important motivation for every Ukrainian and the military of the Armed Forces, but also our great battlefield against aggression and terror , where there is only one winner - Ukraine.

In his interview, the bronze medalist of the 2022 World Championship in freestyle wrestling, Vasyl Mykhaylov, confidently stated:

"We have our own sports front, and this difficult situation in the country only hardens us. We continue to show all the strength and power of Ukraine, which will definitely win!"

Ruslan Umarov, the head coach of the "Mongoose" Sports Club, the head coach of the Ukrainian men's national team in beach wrestling, spoke on Channel 7 about the long-term preparation of athletes for the international competitions of the world championships, about the history of the struggle for freedom and the future of Ukraine on the sports frontline.

"The path to the victory of Vasyl Mykhaylov and Ivan Malin was not easy, besides, war came to the country. Therefore, we had no choice. We had to confidently win on our front", - Ruslan concluded.

As Milana Brodovska, acting director of the Mongoose Sports Club, added:

"Since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the head of the "Mongoose" Public Organization, the president of the "Mongoose" Sports Club, the president of the National Grappling Federation of Ukraine and the All-Ukrainian Beach Wrestling Federation of Ukraine, Magomed Magdiev, made a clear decision to continue supporting Ukrainian athletes and do everything to ensure that the Ukrainian flag relentlessly played majors in the international sports arena. Therefore, the victories of the athletes of the Sports Club "Mongoose" are an immeasurable achievement for Ukraine, an indicator of the incredible sports potential of the Odesa region and the result of the fruitful work of the leadership of the Sports Club "Mongoose" represented by Magomed Magdiyev and the coaching staff headed by Ruslan Umarov."

The most influential mass media of the Odesa region, including the TV channel "Reporter", were interested in the world victories of the wrestlers of the "Mongoose" Sports Club.

Ivan Malin and Vasyl Mykhaylov invited journalists to visit them, in the modern multifunctional sports and health complex "Mongoose", located in Odesa on the basis of the National University "Odesa Law Academy".

We remind you that the "Mongoose" sports and recreation complex is a social project of the "Mongoose" public organization and the "Odesa Law Academy" National University, the main goal of which is the availability of sports activities for children, students and young people. The non-governmental organization "Mongoose" sincerely thanks the academician, the president of the National University "Odesa Law Academy", the International Humanitarian University and the International Academic School Serhii Vasiliovych Kivalov for the many years of cooperation and the provided premises for comprehensive training of the best athletes of Ukraine for the world championships in Olympic and non-Olympic sports.

Fans of sportsmen will be able to see interviews with idols in the near future on the TV channel "Reporter".





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