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The world championship in grappling: the amazing story of the sportsman of SK "Mongoose" Ivan Malin

Ivan Malin

International grappling master of sports, leading athlete of the National Grappling Federation of Ukraine and All-Ukrainian Beach Wrestling Federation of Ukraine, 2022 World Grappling Champion in the "Gi" section, bronze medalist of the 2022 World Grappling Championship in the "No Gi" section, bronze medalist of the World Grappling Championship grappling 2021 in the "No Gi" section in the 100 kg weight category, the bronze medalist of the stage of the World Beach Wrestling Series 2021.

The honorary award was not only a personal achievement of the athlete in his professional career, but also a source of pride and an invaluable achievement for the 44 million-strong nation of Ukraine.

The 2022 World Grappling Championship began on October 12 in Pontevedra (Spain). For the first time, Ivan stepped on the wrestling carpet of international competitions of world significance already on October 14, 2022. On the Day of Cossacks and Protection, a real Cossack won a bronze award for Ukraine at the World Grappling Championship in the "No Gi" section in the 100 kg weight category.

However, the real fight for victory awaited Ivan the next day. On October 15, the sportsman aimed to prove to the whole world the power and indomitability of the Ukrainian people, once again drawing the attention of world sports leaders to the terrible events in Ukraine due to a full-scale war.

Ivan maintained objective confidence in his own abilities and had a strong desire to demonstrate his mastery, skills and knowledge. The athlete was calmly setting himself up for a grand victory.

From the first fight, Ivan clearly followed the chosen strategy. In the fight against the representative of Poland, Dominik Piotr Olzhevsky, the Ukrainian confidently won with a score of 5:0.

The next meeting was drastically different from the previous one. Without any exaggeration, Ivan ends the grueling fight with the wayward representative of Germany, Martin Nussman, with a score of 6:3 in favor of Ukraine.

In the semi-final match, Ivan lost to the Greek athlete Ilyas Boukis with a score of 5:2. During the first round, the Greek tried to bring Ivan to his knees, but real Cossacks regain their strength with incomparable speed and clearly prove their superiority in the fight. The second round was decisive for the Ukrainian: from the first second, the hottest fight between the athletes took place, in which Ivan deservedly won his 5 points.

In the grueling final fight for the honorary title of world champion in grappling, Ivan in the very first minutes throws his opponent, the representative of Kazakhstan Bakdualet Abyzov, on the shoulders, starting a real confrontation of titans, which ended with a confident score of 2:1 in favor of the Ukrainian.

Immediately after the final fight, the athlete proudly made a victory lap with the heroic flag of Ukraine, shouting loudly "Glory to Ukraine!"

The victory of Ivan Malin is a priceless achievement for all of Ukraine, an incredible indicator of perseverance, titanic work and special inner strength of the athlete of SC "Mongoose", who won the first gold in the history of the country at the World Grappling Championship in the "Gi" section in this weight category.

We thank Ivan for a real holiday for every Ukrainian, for hard work, perseverance and an example of courage for new generations of the country's athletes.

We sincerely congratulate the coaches of the champion:

Magdiev Magomed -

President of the National Grappling Federation of Ukraine

Musaelyana Lernica -

vice-president of the National Grappling Federation of Ukraine

A significant personal contribution to the athlete's stunning victory was made by the head coach of the "Mongoose" Sports Club, the head coach of the Ukrainian men's national beach wrestling team, Ruslan Umarov.

Thanks to continuous faith, daily support and necessary instructions of Ruslan Umarov, our athlete returns from Spain a real hero.

It should be noted that Ivan Malin's path to the dream victory lay through titanic work and numerous difficulties, which the Ukrainian confidently overcame step by step. In 2019, at the World Grappling Championship in Kazakhstan, Ivan is one step away from the podium, taking 5th place in the ranking. Already in 2021, the athlete becomes the bronze medalist of the World Grappling Championship, which was held in Serbia. Then Ivan lost to the representative of Kazakhstan, Bakdualet Abizov, with whom in 2022 the athlete had a final victorious fight, winning the title of world grappling champion in the "Gi" section in the 100 kg weight category.

The strongest win - the bravest are recognized!

Glory to the sportsmen of SK "Mongust"!

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to the Armed Forces!



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