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Large-scale seminar on freestyle wrestling from professional wrestlers of the Sports Club "Mongoose"

On October 18 at 6:10 p.m. in the newest space of the "Mongoose" Sports and Health Complex, a large-scale seminar on freestyle wrestling was held by professional wrestlers of the "Mongoose" Sports Club, which confidently opened the way to a bright sports "revival" and pumped up the dexterity of the modern generation of successful Ukrainian champions of various age groups.



Athletes of six leading sports clubs of Odesa region


Practice of special technical and tactical actions of freestyle wrestlers


Athletes of the "Mongoose" club, who are included in the rating of the best wrestlers in the world from the Olympic sport of "freestyle wrestling"


Seminar speakers are much more than motivators for physical education and sports. This is first of all a role model for young athletes. And it is best if this guide is an ordinary person who has achieved considerable success in sports. This gives conviction to young athletes and their parents that it is quite possible to achieve the set goal.

We are proud that the youth of the Odesa region admire the real stars of Ukrainian sports, who are professional wrestlers of the "Mongoose" Sports Club and are included in the rating of the world's best athletes from the Olympic sport of "freestyle wrestling":

Vasyl Mykhaylov -

Bronze medalist of the 2022 World Championship in freestyle wrestling, world champion in beach wrestling 2021, champion and prizewinner of numerous international competitions, who ranks first in the ranking of the best athletes in freestyle wrestling of Ukraine regardless of weight category

Anatoly Chervonenko -

2022 Deflympic Games champion, 2021 Deflympic Games silver medalist

The world-famous athletes shared with the wrestlers the secrets of successful technical and tactical actions, components of the delights of highly qualified wrestlers, and also focused the special attention of all present on the "crown" techniques of freestyle wrestling - throws.

The seminar became free of charge for more than 100 athletes of the Odesa region, as the "Mongoose" sports and recreation complex is a social project of the "Mongoose" public organization and the "Odesa Law Academy" National University, the main goal of which is the availability of sports activities for children, students and young people.

The president of the Mongoose Sports Club, the head of the Mongoose Public Organization, the president of the All-Ukrainian Beach Wrestling Federation of Ukraine and the National Grappling Federation of Ukraine Magomed Magdiev, the head coach of the Mongoose Sports Club and the head coach of the Ukrainian men's beach wrestling team provided invaluable support in the event. struggle Ruslan Umarov.

We continue to work relentlessly on the sports front for the popularization and development of physical culture and sports in Ukraine!

We raise a generation of talented and ambitious athletes together!

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