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On January 10 2023, the XII ceremony of the International Sports Award "Golden Mongoose" was held in the largest exhibition center in Warsaw in partnership with the National Olympic Committee of Poland. As a sign of great respect and gratitude to Polish colleagues for the immense support of Ukraine and the principled position in the struggle for peace, the Council of the Non-Governmental Organization "Mongoose" approved the decision to award special orders "Golden Mongoose" to 13 outstanding figures of the world sports community and 4 private Polish companies that at the end of 2022, impressed the world with their heroic humanity and tireless work for the development of the international sports movement.


International sports award


This is the only award of its kind, an honorary sports "Oscar" for powerful achievements in sports, titanic work for the development of mass sports and the international sports movement, protection of human rights and strengthening of world peace, education of the modern generation of sports youth.


The award embodies inspiration, pride and words of immense gratitude to the most outstanding athletes, coaches, veterans and legends of sports, philanthropists, businessmen and politicians, whose professional activities are invariably connected with sports.  

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Founder of the award

Magomed Magdiyev

Diamond 2.png

Founder of the International Sports Award "Golden Mongoose"

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Head of the Public Organization "Mongoose"

Diamond 2.png

Honored worker of physical culture and sports of Ukraine

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President of the All-Ukrainian Beach Wrestling Federation of Ukraine

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President of the National Grappling Federation of Ukraine

Honored coach of Ukraine

President of the Sports Club ''Mongoose''



Brings together true like-minded people,

who, regardless of nationality, religion, social status and political views, direct their professional activity and life to the united development and popularization of physical cultureand sports


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Awarded honorary titles of laureates of the International Sports Award "Golden Mongoose" to the most outstanding personalities of the world sports community,

whose legendary achievements

and unsurpassed talents amaze the whole world



Strengthens international sports diplomacy, international relations and international cooperation between the countries of Europe and the world in the field of physical culture, sports and youth



Motivates representatives of the new generation to effectively create a promising future for the country and the world through honest sports victories, scientific achievements, active public position, joint development and international cooperation



Builds peace based on respect between nations: 

with the destruction of the meaning of the worldwide slogan "Never Again", the vocation of the International Sports Award "Golden Mongoose" is to assert

slogan in the civilized world

"Sport is an ambassador of peace", 

joint education of a strong and ambitious generation of athletes who will defend peace and write a new powerful history of the era of mutual understanding and respect



Affirms strengthinternational unity, independence and freedom of the world sports community, indomitable and indomitable sports spirit in society, long-term trends of modern sports




Slogan of the International Sports Award "Golden Mongoose"

International sports award


International sports award


The first sports "Oscar" awarding ceremony took place in 2009 and was called the "Golden Mongoose" All-Ukrainian Award. At that time, the event brought together a large circle of like-minded people - 100 prominent figures of the sports elite of Ukraine, 11 of whom became the first ever laureates of the "Golden Mongoose" award.


In 11 years of rapid development, the scale of the ceremony has grown to an immeasurable level, each year the award reaches more than 500,000 spectators, connoisseurs and followers of the event, and the award itself has an honorary international status since 2012.

Already in 2019, the XI  International Sports Award "Golden Mongoose" awarding ceremony welcomed 1,600 friends of the project in the extraordinary historical space of the Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet. The awaed winners were 21 laureates from 11 countries of the world. 

In total, during the history of the International Sports Award "Golden Mongoose", 259 laureates were solemnly awarded.



IMG_5597 2.jpg

Robert Korzeniowski

Polish track and field athlete, four-time Olympic champion, three-time world champion and two-time European champion in race walking

Ельбрус Тадеєв.jpg

Elbrus Tedeev

Ukrainian athlete and politician,

olympic champion


Vasyl Lomachenko

Professional Ukrainian boxer, two-time Olympic champion


Oleksandr Usyk

Professional Ukrainian boxer, current heavyweight world champion


Iga Swiatek

Polish tennis player, winner of eleven WTA singles tournaments, leader of the WTA singles ranking

190907_15_30_53 4.jpg

Anji Krasnytskyi

President of the National Olympic Committee of Poland

International sports award



Jubilee order

"Friendship of Nations"

Jubilee Order for significant personal contribution to the development of physical culture and sports, strengthening the friendship of peoples, strengthening international sports diplomacy

Diamond 2.png
Diamond 2.png

The award is made of pure gold and encrusted with 8 diamonds

Used since 2018


Special order

"Golden Mongoose"

Special order for notable successes and achievements in the field of physical culture and sports

Diamond 2.png
Diamond 2.png

The award is made of pure gold 

Used since 2014

Орден 2.png

Special order

"Golden Mongoose"

Special order for special achievements in sports 

Diamond 2.png
Diamond 2.png

The award is made of pure gold and encrusted with 3 diamonds

It was used exclusively in 2012, the only winner of the award is Vasyl Lomachenko



"Golden Mongoose"

Honorary statuette for special successes and achievements in the field of physical culture and sports

Diamond 2.png

The award is made of 925 silver with 900 gold plating, mounted on stone base

Diamond 2.png

It was used from 2009 to 2017


The atmosphere of the International Sports Award "Golden Mongoose" lights a fire in the hearts of millions of viewers, because the best stars of Ukraine and the world greet the laureates and guests of the annual award ceremony!

Geography of the award

Continuously expanding

"Golden Mongoose" unites countries and consolidates them

friendship of peoples, like-minded people from all corners of the world, erasing the borders of nationalities and religions.


The international sports award, sports "Oscar" born in Ukraine in 2009, became the first step in the initiation of international sports diplomacy, the strength of which increases with each "boxing punch", "kilometer overcome", "victorious opponent". 

Honorary orders of the award become eternal symbols

indomitability and unity of the sports communities of the world.

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