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Sports club "Mongoose" is a society of those who practice sports culture in the space of the new era. Highly qualified trainers, the opportunity to train with world-famous athletes and more than 20 types of group programs in various directions and age categories. For almost a quarter of a century, the Sports Club "Mongoose" promotes the development of the sports potential of Ukrainian youth and educates the best athletes of Ukraine, Europe and the world. Pupils of the "Mongoose" Sports Club successfully represent the country at prestigious international level competitions, are part of the national national teams of Ukraine in beach wrestling, grappling, pankration, kickboxing and freestyle wrestling. 

Sports club "Mongoose" promotes the all-round development of an athlete, the formation of a person as a strong personality and a competitive specialist. The club coaches form in the athletes moral and leadership qualities, endurance, patience and love for Ukrainian sports, raising a strong nation on which the pace of our country development will depend.



Magomed Magdiev

President of the Sports Club "Mongoose", Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine, president of the All-Ukrainian Beach Wrestling Federation of Ukraine and the National Grappling Federation of Ukraine, who for two decades has taken a leading position in the popularization and development of mass sports and makes a significant personal contribution to the expansion of Ukraine representation on the international sports arena. 

With the unprecedented support of Magomed Magdiyev, the Sports Club "Mongoose" implements numerous charitable and social projects. From the first day of operation of the "Mongoose" Sports Club, the "Mongoose" Sports and Health Complex and the club branches in Odesa, Ovidiopol and Kyiv, the president made a clear decision to provide the opportunity to visit the sports sections of the club for free and to join the "Mongoose" sports movement in Ukraine to children and young people and students from needy families, temporarily displaced persons due to hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.


By developing sports and multiplying sports traditions in Ukraine, Magomed Magdiev makes an invaluable contribution to the education of value orientations of the modern generation of youth.

2001-2011 years



Lernik Musayelyan (2001-2011)

The establishment of the Sports Club "Mongoose" in 2001 turned a new page in the modern sports movement of Ukraine. On August 2, 2001, Lernik Musayelyan, the first director of the "Mongoose" Sports Club, began his fruitful work. The manager had a special mission - to lay a solid foundation for further growth and expansion of the club, to form value guidelines of the association, which determine the basis of its recognition and brand.


Lernik Musayelyan created a team of true like-minded people who are united by a common goal - the popularization of physical culture and mass sports among the population of Ukraine. During 2002-2005, the club rapidly unites the best athletes in freestyle wrestling, grappling and pankration. Since 2006, under the professional leadership of Lernik Musayelyan, the "Mongoose" Sports Club has become the main partner of many all-Ukrainian competitions in grappling, pankration, sambo, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling.

Perseverance and determination of the first manager is quickly reflected in the dynamic development of the club.


Lernik Musayelyan initiates the printing of the first batch of the sports magazine "Mongoose School of Survival", on the pages of which the manager diligently preserved the history of the formation and development of the sports club. For many years, the magazine covered the latest news of world sports, recognized the best athletes of Ukraine, and actively popularized physical culture and sports in In one of the issues, Lernik Musayelyan, as the chief editor of the sports magazine, remarked: "Sport is an antivirus that can cure many problems of modern society"

In 2011, Lernik wrote the words of the motivational anthem of the "Mongoose" Sports Club, which became a real call for physical education and sports, the development of willpower, character and an active public position of future generations:

Club "Mongoose": healthy you will be strong;
Club "Mongoose": we are successful, we are active;
Club "Mongoose": we are strong in soul and body;
Club "Mongoose": we will prove it by deed."

At the end of 2011, Lernik Musayelyan transferred the guardianship of the Sports Club "Mongoose" to the reliable hands of his successor, but the former director forever remained a part of the friendly sports family. Today, Lernik Musayelyan is the vice-president of the "Mongoose" Sports Club, the vice-president of the All-Ukrainian Pankration Federation of Ukraine, the vice-president of the National Grappling Federation of Ukraine and the vice-president of the All-Ukrainian Beach Wrestling Federation of Ukraine.

2012-2013 years


Shamil Magomedov (2012)

In 2012, Shamil Magomedov became the director of the Sports Club "Mongoose". The manager comprehensively supported the principles of the club activities, making considerable efforts to raise a healthy and athletic nation with special inner strength and leadership qualities. Shamil was endowed with a unique ability to understand people and gather around him a reliable circle of like-minded people. He always emphasized the importance of continuous self-development and quoted the speech of a brilliant sports figure: "Sport is not an object of luxury and activity of a few, it is not at all a simple form of muscular compensation for intellectual work. For every man, woman or it gives the child an opportunity for self-assertion, regardless of profession or position in life."

Vasyl Stadnyk (2013)

In 2013, Vasyl Stadnyk held the post of director of the "Mongoose" Sports Club. The professional leader gave a new powerful impetus to the development of physical culture and sports in the Odesa region. Vasyl was a real example of courage, strength, endurance, dedication and love for the chosen cause. In addition to comprehensive support on the athletes path from the first training to the first championship title, the director paid special attention to the development of a strong and healthy personality in intellectual, moral and ethical directions. Vasyl taught athletes to have a clear position in life, to define their principles and to adhere to them. He effectively united active youth with the help of interactive games, tournaments, competitions and seminars. During his leadership, the clubs athletes confidently became the stars of sports chronicles and once again proved that they are considered the best for a reason.

Vasyl stressed that the whole strength of the "Mongoose" Sports Club lies in unity and unceasing movement forward towards a common goal.

2014-2018 years



Roman Dolidze (2014-2016)

In 2014, the talented athlete and professional trainer Roman Dolidze became the director of the Sports Club "Mongoose". Under the visionary leadership of a true leader, the "Mongoose" sports movement rapidly gained popularity among representatives of Ukrainian youth. History testifies that the years of Roma's administration became one of the most productive and successful. Roman's numerous ideas and plans became a powerful nucleus for changes and successful development of the sports movement in Odesa region and Ukraine as a whole. Roman Dolidze became the organizer of dozens of educational seminars, tournaments and championships of the national and international level.


The Ukrainian champion with a world name laid the foundation for covering the club's work, open cooperation with the media, held large-scale open classes for young beginners and created a course of original training for experienced professional athletes, fragments of which the coach shared on the YouTube channel of the "Mongoose" Sports Club.


Side by side with the president of the Sports Club "Mongoose" Magomed Magdiyev, Roman Dolidze contributed to the club's fruitful cooperation with the National University "Odesa Law Academy" and the International Humanitarian University headed by the president Serhiy Vasilievich Kivalov.


On August 2, 2015, on the basis of the Sports Complex of the International Humanitarian University, the Sports Club "Mongoose" together with the National University "Odesa Law Academy" held a large-scale sports event dedicated to the 14th birthday of the Sports Club "Mongoose" and the 85th anniversary of the founding of the Air Force ( since 2017 - DSHV ZSU). In addition to the impressive pankration tournament, guests of the event were awaited by a diverse competition program and exciting bouts of the club's professional athletes. The sports holiday brought together more than 150 participants and 18 teams, which included cadets of the Military Academy, Odessa State University of Internal Affairs, students of the International Humanitarian University, the National university "Odesa Law Academy", representatives of numerous sports clubs of the cities of Odesa, Kropyvnytskyi, Mykolaiv and Izmail.

For remarkable sports achievements and desperate work for the development and popularization of physical culture and sports in 2015, Georgian and Ukrainian mixed martial arts wrestler, FILA (UWW) world and European grappling champion, ADCC Asia and Oceania champion, MMA world champion according to the version of WWFC, Roman Dolidze was awarded the honorary statuette of the "Golden Mongoose" International Sports Award.


Tatyana Gerasimenko (2017-2018)

In 2017, an experienced specialist Tetyana Gerasimenko took the post of head of the "Mongoose" Sports Club, who in two years of fruitful work conducted many large-scale events with the aim of attracting the population of Ukraine to regular physical education and sports. Even then, the Sports Club "Mongoose" comprehensively supported more than 350 professional athletes, including masters of sports of the international class, masters of sports of Ukraine, champions of the world, Europe and Ukraine. Thus, under the leadership of Tetyana, a completely new period of sports history of Ukraine begins. The world victories of athletes of the Sports Club "Mongoose" are accompanied by remarkable achievements at national and European competitions. Under the slogan "Good should be with fists", the Sports Club "Mongoose" relentlessly builds a generation of young champions and confidently steps towards changes. Among the most titled athletes of the club, Semen Radulov - prize-winner of the European Championship in freestyle wrestling, world champion in beach wrestling and Galina Kovalska - European and world champion in grappling stand out. Since then, in order to determine the best wrestlers in the world, the "Mongoose" Sports Club initiated the "Golden Mongoose" Professional Pankration Cup, which took place in May 2017 under the leadership of Tetyana Gerasimenko.

2019-2022 years



Tetyana Akulenko (2019-2022)

During the last three and a half years, Tetyana Akulenko was the director of the large-scale network of Sports Clubs "Mongoose".

In August 2019, under the professional guidance of Tatyana, international beach wrestling competitions, the World Series stage and the World Championship among cadets and juniors were successfully held in Ukraine, the main partner of which was the Sports Club "Mongoose". Fate decided to accurately repeat the founding times and gave the club a new generation of extremely talented youth. In the summer of 2020, the "Mongoose" Sports Club initiated free morning training sessions on the shores of the Black Sea. With the support of the Public Organization "Mongoose" and the direct leadership of Tatyana, four classes were held and more than 200 residents of Odesa were involved.

In addition to the numerous branches of the club in Odesa and Kyiv regions, in 2020 the management of the Sports Club "Mongoose" solemnly opens the only multifunctional sports and health complex "Mongoose" in Odesa, which combines equipped areas for warm-up, professional equipment for three types of exercise (exercises with weights, exercises with own weight and cardio training),

2 wrestling mats, swimming pool, bathhouse, comfortable sports changing rooms. This social project was implemented thanks to the coordinated cooperation of the president of the "Mongoose"e head coach of the "Mongoose" Sports Club, Ruslan Umarov. The new sports complex gave a powerful impetus to the large-scale development and popularization of sports among Odessa residents. The presence of a suitable modern space contributed to the involvement of highly qualified trainers in conducting numerous master classes, educational seminars and trainings in grappling, pankration, beach and freestyle wrestling, kickboxing, the direct organization and conduct of which was supervised by Tetiana Akulenko. Over the years of her activity, Tetiana made a significant personal contribution to development of physical culture and sports in the city of Odesa, the Odesa region and Ukraine as a whole.