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Magomed Magdiyev

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Founder of the International Sports Award "Golden Mongoose"

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Head of the Public Organization "Mongoose"

Honored worker of physical culture and sports of Ukraine

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President of the All-Ukrainian Beach Wrestling Federation of Ukraine

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President of the National Grappling Federation of Ukraine

Honored coach of Ukraine

President of the Sports Club "Mongoose"

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the International Humanitarian University

"Sport is an ambassador of peace in the fight against war and terror" -

Magomed Magdiyev

Actively developing physical culture and sports, multiplying sports traditions in Odessa, the region, Ukraine and the world, Magomed Magdiyev makes an invaluable personal contribution to the education of a healthy nation and a purposeful generation of modern youth. For many years of professional activity, wisdom and devotion to his beloved work, Magomed Magdiyev is known and revered far beyond the borders of Ukraine.

Sports Federations

For two decades, Magomed Magdiyev has taken an active public position in the field of physical culture and sports. Heads and provides adequate funding for two national sports federations - the National Grappling Federation of Ukraine and the All-Ukrainian Beach Wrestling Federation of Ukraine. Under his professional guidance and mentoring support, grappling and beach wrestling have become officially recognized sports in Ukraine, and athletes represent our country worthily at European and world level competitions. 

At the 1st World Beach Games in 2019, the athletes of the All-Ukrainian Federation of Beach Wrestling of Ukraine deservedly represented Ukraine among 97 countries of the world and won one silver and two bronze medals, which became a symbol of the historic breakthrough of Ukraine as a state in beach wrestling.

In the same year, the All-Ukrainian Beach Wrestling Federation of Ukraine headed by its president Magomed Magdiyev 

became the organizer of two internationally important beach wrestling competitions in the city of Odessa: the World Beach Wrestling Championship among cadets and juniors and the stage of the World Series of Beach Wrestling among adults, where the national team of Ukraine confidently won the championship among 17 countries of the world.

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Public organization 

Magomed Magdiev is the founder and chairman of the Public Organization "Mongoose", whose main activities are the active and effective representation of Ukrainian sports at the international level, the strengthening of international sports diplomacy, the charity movement, the popularization of physical education and sports among the population, the creation

conditions for the development of the Olympic and non-Olympic movements that exist

the basis of forming a positive image of Ukraine in the world.

The head of the organization daily makes a significant personal contribution to the large-scale proper training and support of athletes representing Ukraine at international competitions. With its financial support, a number of successful sports events, championships of Ukraine and international competitions in grappling, pankration and beach wrestling are held every year. 

Magomed Magdiyev is the founder and organizer of the world-famous International Sports Award "Golden Mongoose", which awards exquisite orders made of pure gold to notable figures of the international sports community: athletes, coaches, veterans and legends of sports, patrons, businessmen and political figures who contribute to the united development of sports. strengthening of international sports diplomacy and education of modern ambitious youth.


The award represents the life path of its founder, which goes back

to the stars through hard work and titanic daily efforts.


So, in 2009, the award ceremony was called the All-Ukrainian Golden Mongoose Award, and after three years of fruitful and inspired work led by its founder, in 2012 Magomed Magdiyev greeted the honored guests of the event with the words: "Dear friends, colleagues and all present, I am sincerely glad to meet you at the awarding ceremony of the modern sports "Oscar" - the "Golden Mongoose" International Sports Award! 


Under the solemn slogan "Sport is an ambassador of peace", the International Sports Award "Golden Mongoose" has been uniting peoples and countries, people of various nationalities, religions and social statuses for 12 years in a row with the aim of creating a progressive sports future of the united world!


International sports award

Sports club 

Sports club "Mongoose" is another successful social project of Magomed Magdiyev for the development of sports infrastructure in Ukraine.


Magomed created a society of those who practice sports culture in the space of a new era: highly qualified trainers, the opportunity to train with world-famous athletes, more than 20 types of group programs in various directions and age categories.


Pupils of the club successfully represent the country at prestigious world-level competitions, are part of the national national teams of Ukraine in beach wrestling, grappling, pankration, kickboxing and freestyle wrestling. 

From the first day of operation of the "Mongoose" Sports Club, the "Mongoose"; Sports and Health Complex, and the club branches in Odesa, Ovidiopol, and Kyiv, Magomed Magdiev unceasingly supports all social needs of the population, providing a free opportunity for children from needy families, temporarily displaced persons due to hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, to visit sports sections of the club and to join the sports movement "Mongoose" in Ukraine.

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