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"Sport as a lifestyle"

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"Fists should be good"

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During the 20 years of its existence, the dynamic movement and activity of the Public Organization "Mongoose" covered almost the entire territory of Ukraine.

The main priorities of the association work

there is an effective representation of Ukrainian sports at the international level, charitable movement, popularization of physical education

and sports among the population, revival, preservation and multiplication of sports traditions, expansion of international relations

in the field of sports, creating conditions for the development of Olympic and non-Olympic movements, whichis the basis of the formation of positive image of Ukraine in the world.

"Sport is an ambassador of peace"

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International sports award for merits and achievements in sports "Golden Mongoose"  the only award of its kind, the honorary sports "Oscar", which honors the most outstanding athletes, veterans and legends of sports, philanthropists, businessmen and politicians whose professional activities contributes to the continuous development of mass sports and the international sports movement, the protection of human rights and strengthening world peace, education modern generation of sports youth.


The International Sports Award awards laureates with orders made of pure gold "Golden Mongoose" and "Friendship of Nations", the last of which is encrusted with diamonds.

Sports club "Mongoose"  is a society of those

who practices sports culturein space

new era:more than 20 types of group programs

in different directions (beach wrestling,grappling, pankration, kickboxing, freestyle wrestling)to allage groups, highly qualifiedcoaches,two

branches of the clubin KIevi and Ovidiopolisandthe only multifunctional sports and health complex "Mongoose" in Odessa, equipped with a zone for warm-up, professional equipment for

three typesload (exercises with weights, exercises

with own weight and cardio training),two wrestling carpets, a swimming pool, a bathhouse, comfortable sports changing rooms. 




"Mongoose" is a symbol of honesty, courage and immeasurable achievements.


Small, but the bravest predators became the personification of goals,

which the "Mongoose" organization clearly follows and declares in its activities.


All the actions of the mongoose are subordinated to a single goal - a desperate fight against evil,

in which he dignifies every minute of his life. Daredevil impresses in a special way

cleverness and a strong desire to win. He advocates only for honest

and open combat, excluding treachery and false scheming.


Mongoose enjoys every minute of life,

but does not sacrifice the present for the sake of the future.

He is responsible for his words and knows how to sincerely rejoice at changes.


​snake tamer in the fight for goodness and justice


an ambassador of peace in the fight against war and terror



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